The Humanitus Foundation and Bright Children Organisation organic farm forms an integral part of the Humanitus Centre for Learning and Rural development.

The organic farm and learning centre is an exciting, joint venture initiative between the Humanitus Foundation and the Bright Children Organisation. Piseth Luon from Bright Children Organisation has secured the land and Humanitus, through the generosity of a friend and supporter, have installed a well and construction has started on the centre for learning and rural development. 

The centre will be a community focused space for learning, complete with a kitchen for teaching cooking skills, food preparation and sanitation. Health care programs will also be run from this centre.

The farm will not only provide a source of food for a school meals program for the Mkak Primary School children, and eventually a food bank, but also act as a centre for learning and development for local farmers. Presently the main crop grown in the region is rice and one bad growing season can leave families literally starving until the next successful season.

Through our rural diversification program families will be able to learn about ways to diversify their crops, increase their food security and income stream, and reduce the impact of future bad rice growing seasons.

At present we are looking to plant papaya, long beans, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potato and peanuts, along with a variety of herbs with both nutritional and medicinal benefits.

We look forward to sharing updates as they come through. More photos can be viewed in our photos section.

Farm 03