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Sacrifice Families & Orphans Development Association (SFODA) in Phnom Penh has been operating since 1996 and was co-founded by Mrs Ouk Moninarom, herself orphaned at a young age. At present there are 72 children living at the orphanage ranging in age from newly born to 24 years of age.

The goal of SFODA is to enable orphans and vulnerable children to grow up to become healthy, educated and productive adults in the Cambodia of tomorrow.

The children come to SFODA due to a number of reasons. They are often orphaned through the HIV/AIDS epidemic with some of the children themselves being HIV positive. Many children come to SFODA because they are suffering and vulnerable due to their parent/s drug abuse or mental illness, often in combination with abject poverty and abysmal living conditions. Before accepting the children SFODA first helps and supports them to stay with their extended families.

Children attend the local Government school from the age of six. The Cambodian Government cover the costs for their school fees and classes run from 7am-11am then 1pm-5pm. Children attend either am or pm classes. Additional in-centre schooling is provided to the children at SFODA adjusted to their skills and age.
In-centre classes include:

  • English language
  • French language
  • Khmer language
  • Mathematics
  • Computer training
  • Metal sculpturing
  • Art 
  • Recreational activities include karate training and soccer. Some activites are also open to other orphans and vulnerable children living in the community.

Immediate assistance is required for the following needs:

  • School Uniforms (approx $7 per uniform) 
  • Books, stationery and teaching resources 
  • Bicycles (approx $150 each) 
  • Daily meals 
  • Vitamin supplements, vaccinations and worming tablets 
  • Clothing and basic living needs 
  • Medical assistance and supplies 
  • Nappies for the babies 

Money raised from the sale of the orphans artwork was given to SFODA in July 2009. The money has been used to buy teaching resources and health care supplies. A little celebration was organised for the children and we all know theres nothing like a good party to lift ones spirits!