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SFODA children receive new lockers

After a visit to SFODA in early 2014 Jeffrey Richards (Humanitus) and Yves Andre Baraldi, (SFODA Volunteer) could not help but notice the dreadful state of the childrens lockers.

You can see through the before and after shots of SFODA Orphanage/Care Centre children's lockers that an enormous improvement has been made through the building of new lockers for the children to safely store their belongings and treasures.

Thank you to Humanitus Foundation donors and friends and family of Yves Andre Baraldi for supporting this project.


Humanitus visit April 2014

Humanitus visit to SFODA Care Centre / Orphanage

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Humanitus shopping trip with SFODA staff

Humanitus Director, Jeffrey Richards and SFODA Care Centre Manager, Sothy Prak, went shopping on Thursday for 3.5 months worth of hygiene and dental care supplies for the children. A couple of bags of rice were also collected on the return trip.

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Humanitus visit and shopping expedition

During December 2013 and January 2014 Jeffrey Richards spent time with Moninarom Ouk and Mony Ouk at SFODA orphanage in Phnom Penh.

SFODA has been an affiliate of Humanitus since 2008 and Jeffrey has been an active board member since 2011. Over the years Humanitus has assisted where possible with financial support. We are always excited when one of our board members has the opportunity to visit our friends at SFODA and catch up with the children. The children have settled well into their new home and although there is still much to do to make life a little more comfortable the children do have a great deal more space - approximately 3 times more space than at the old property.

On his second visit Jeffrey took Sothy Prak shopping for a variety of day to day needs. Armed with US$500 cash they headed off to the local shopping centre to purchase sleeping mats, school uniforms, rice and bathroom / toiletry supplies.

Two very busy hours later they emerged with a heavily laden trolley and proceeded to make themselves somewhat unpopular with local drivers by creating a fast growing traffic jam as they frantically trying to load the double parked 4WD that Jeffrey hired for the shopping expedition. A fun and very worthwhile shopping expedition for both Jeffrey and Sothy.


SFODA Visit July 2011

SFODA Visit July 2011


Humanitus Boat Cruise July 2011

Humanitus Boat Cruise July 2011


SFODA loses more land

SFODA loses more land

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Photos from Jenny Chu's visit March 2010

Photos from Jenny Chu's visit March 2010


Humanitus visit July 2009

Humanitus visit July 2009


Humanitus visit October 2008

Humanitus visit October 2008

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